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Stock & Custom Ropes & Lines

Do you need rope or lines? We are the manufacturer. As a family owned company in Canada, you can talk directly with knowledgeable people who have the information you need to get your job done. We can supply custom rope as well as a wide variety of stock rope, specializing in arbourist applications. Call us at 705-437-1470 today!

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Founded in 1936 by Harry Terry, Braids & Laces has evolved through three more generations of innovation and progress. Originally a supplier of shoelaces, the company first expanded during World War II to add cord manufacturing to its repertoire, supplying braided cord as handles for ammunitions boxes. The next step in its development was to expand the laces product line into sports equipment (skates), and the ropes product line into marine uses. Each successive generation has been successful in expanding the business of manufacturing rope, cord and laces, while still maintaining a high standard of service to their customers.

For a tree climbing rope with minimum elongation and high breaking strength, we offer our 7/16" Wizard Line, available with or without an eye (sewn or hand-spliced), as you require. It's pre-conditioned for a smooth feeling, and provides great control on descents and easy retrieval.

Building on our expansion into arbour ropes, we are now pleased to supply related products for the arbourist, including a variety of carabiners and hooks, slings, thimbles, and a wide range of lanyards and lanyard assemblies. Whether you need a complete package of equipment for your business, just a handful of descenders, or any type of custom rope we haven't even been asked to produce yet, we are your supplier. We love to surpass our customers' expectation for service and exceptional value.

Our "Steel King" winch line is not steel, but braided UHMWPE rope: 12 strands constructed to be as strong as steel, but without the hefty weight, which makes it an ideal rope for arbourist applications. Available in 200-foot, with a 6" eye.

Our Crown King Arbourist Rope is designed with climbing in mind. It is low stretch and splicable, with excellent knot holding capability. It has a "worked-in" feeling, but is long-lasting. We stock it in two standard lengths, a variety of colour combinations, and it is available with sewn or hand-spliced eye (or without any eye).

If you require an exceptionally strong but light rope, we recommend our 12-stranded UHMWPE braid. It is available in diameters from 3/16" to 3/8", and features a breaking strength ranging from 5,200 lbs up to 12,500 lbs - stronger than steel. The coated version has even greater abrasion resistance - perfect for winch and pulling lines.

We actually answer our phone (and emails). Try us! Call 705-437-1470 or contact us online. We will be happy to help you with any stock or custom rope, line, cord or lace needs you have.